We’ve gathered here the answers to common inquiries that people usually come up with. We hope they will help and entertain you.

Do I have to pay with PayPal, or is there another way to pay in your website?

Payments to the CaravanCollective online shop are made only via PayPal. It's called Express Checkout - it's completely safe, super simple and really fast.

Can I pay with PayPal without having a PayPal account?

Of course! No login, no nothing. Like we said, Express Checkout…

How do you ship my order?

We send our products by Standard International Mail. That is unless you want to get your order really quickly, and then we send it with Express Mail, on a D2D service.

How long till my order will reach me?

Standard international mail takes between 10 to 25 days to arrive. Express delivery arrives within 2-4 working days from shipping date.


I got a gift/discount code. How can I use it?

To use a gift or discount code, please enter it in the Gift/Discount Code area in the Checkout page. Please note that each code can only be used once, and that you can apply only one code per purchase.

I got a faulty product! What should I do?

You contact us right away through here, or send us an Email with a photo and description of the fault. We will make sure you receive a new product ASAP. You can find more details about returns and exchanges here.

Why don't you have a telephone customer service?

To allow customer service by phone we must invest loads of money on human resources, offices and all of that mess. This will make our products more expensive, and we really don't want that to happen.
We maintain direct contact with our customers by Email. We promise to respond to every message within at least 3 working days, though usually every inquiry is answered within just a few hours.

How should I wash my CC products?

Care instructions for our products:

Machine wash, warm, with like colors

Don't use chlorine based bleach

Do not iron. If you really want to iron your CC shirt, you should do it with low heat and it will be fine.

Suitable for dry cleaning

Don't tumble dry 

Where are you your products manufactured?

As for now, all of our products are made in Istanbul, Turkey.

Who designs your prints? What inspires your graphics?

All CaravanCollective stuff is designed by Yaara, a talented illustrator and graphic designer.
One of us comes up with an idea, and after one or two nights of beer and sketches, a new design is born.

We are inspired by cycling culture and its lifestyle, and (sorry, a cliché ahead!) by the power and beauty of nature.

Why Organic?

We have a whole page for this one.

What about packages and bags? Are they organic, too?

We do the best we can! The CC products' packages are made of ECOMP - an Organic compound based on corn starch - and they are 100% biodegradable. They can be thrown in the compost, where they will be completely dissolved within 90 days. The special envelopes in which we ship the products are not organic, but they contain an additive formula which helps them disintegrate much faster than regular plastic bags.

Why don't you send a printed invoice with the product?

We send an electronic one, by Email. It saves lots of paper.

I'm a retailer and am interested in carrying your products, how can I do that?

For retail inquiries, please contact admin@caravancollective.com

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