Shipping Information

We ship all orders free of charge!*

By default, we send our products via international mail service (Standard international shipping), and we do it completely free of charge (until further notice). Orders will arrive within 10-25 days (including one or two days that we take to process the order and prepare the goods for delivery).

* We ship our products to most of the countries in the world. If your country does not appear in the Billing and Shipping information areas in our checkout page, please contact us, and we will find a way to help you enjoy our products.

What about Express shipping?

In case you wish to receive your order sooner, you can choose Express Shipping in the "Shipping Costs" area in the checkout page. But note that Express shipping is not free - it's costs depend on the destination, so please notice the shipping rates when ordering Express shipping.

An Express order will reach your doorstep within 2-4 business days from shipping date, via D2D Express Mail Service (here, too, we will need one or two days to process the order and prepare it for shipping).


How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped we will send you an Email with your invoice, and your package's tracking number. Please note that we do not work on holidays and weekends (we prefer to go riding or watch movies in bed).
Both Standard and Express packages can be tracked through the website of your country's Mail Service.
In case you did not receive your order in due time, please try to check with the Mail Service the reason for the delay, and if there is still a problem, please contact us.

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Shipping Information