CaravanCollective is a casual apparel brand dedicated to Cycling Culture lifestyle. It all began one sunny day in 2010 in our small wooden caravan at an organic farm in the northern Carmel mountains, Israel. There, we decided to create a new, green business, combining our two big passions: cycling and design.


Who We Are

Omri is a cyclist, bicycle trainer and bicycle trail designer. He rides since birth, and is pretty much an all-arounder. In the past few years he rides mainly XC, SS, CX, AM, and XC Marathon. He finds cycling the perfect way to experience nature and explore it. When he’s not riding, he can be found working in the garden or baking carrot cakes.

Yaara is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who, while not working on CaravanCollective stuff, runs her own small studio. She likes tin boxes, knitting, Yoga and beer. Chained with her love to her computer and sketchbook, she does not ride very often, even though she has some really handsome gear and clothing.


What We Do

We love bicycles. We admire cycling heritage and lifestyle.
CaravanCollective is our way of contributing to the worldwide cycling community - expressing and expanding it.

We make Cycling Culture apparel that is 100% organic and sweatshop free, designed and produced with love and care. We simply think it's the way things should be. We dwell on the small details, keeping a fun and creative approach. We enjoy every second.

As one of many businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet, CC is proud to be a part of a global awakening: One percent of all our sales is donated to environmental and social non-profits.

As always, the Caravan is on the move, and sweet things are ahead. As we release our t-shirt line, we're preparing to bring you much, much more: beautiful hoodies, long sleeves, and tank tops for men and women are coming up soon, as are some more designs for babies and our first children's pieces. We've even started developing a gorgeous line of accessories.